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Monday, July 03, 2006

Chance Encounter..

I had the plan laid out for saturday.Perfect plan for a weekend- a bit of relaxation and bit of activities..

8:00 ->get up .
11:00-> hav a loong bath..
3:00->go shopping with mom
5:00->visit friend
7:00->go for a party.

My brother had been using my scooty all week. So at 2 :30 I went to inspect it to check if there was enough fuel to last me through the day. And guess what!!My scooty had a flat tyre :-(. Before I could vent my ire on my brother, better sense prevailed and I realised that I could not disturb him since he was preparing for exams. So, all I could do was thank him for puncturing the scooty tyre and giving me an opportunity to push the scooty to the nearest mechanic shop.While i was getting the tube changed, I saw a crowd gather near a playgound opposite to the shop -public,press et al. I could not belive it! Standing in front of me was the hugely respected and equally feared Justice Venkatachala doing a routine inspection in the grounds. And wot made the encounter more memorable is tht it was on the last day of is tenure as the Lokayukta chief..What timing!