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Sunday, May 04, 2008


Now wait, let me read your Jataka properly.Sun and mercury are the 1st house and that's a good sign, moon in the 3rd house-its enemy house, guru and Shani in the same house,with Shani in retrograde.


Sun influences your success in life, Moon is responsible for family and marriage
and guru influences job prospects and spirituality.

If you put in efforts and work determinedly, you will get a good job and achieve achieve what you want. You will get married between the ages of25-29. Your wife will come from a place north of where you are. You will have 1-2 kids. Sometimes you will get headache,backache and some health problems but don't worry.If you face any major hurdles in life, just come here. I will do some shanti and help you overcome them.

That would be Rs 100. Thank you.

One last thing. In case things happen very differently from the way I've told you, the birth time you have given me is inaccurate and I am not responsible. A few minutes apart and the jataka can be entirely different.